Picking the date for your Disney World Vacation depends on when you can go, what you want to see, how budget conscious you are, and how much you want to avoid crowds.

If time permits you should pick the date up to 11 months in advance, if you want to book at a popular Disney Vacation Club resort, and 7 months in advance for all other resorts if you want to take advantage of advanced dinning reservations. If sit down or buffet dinning isn’t your thing, and you don’t care that much about what resort you want to stay at, book at least 61+ days in advance to take advantage of FASTPASS+ reservations.

However, you can book anytime before you go, although availability at Disney Vacation Club resorts will be limited or not there at all.

Remember: 180 days before your arrival date you can book Advanced Dinning Reservations, and 60+ days beofre your arrival date for resort guests, including DVC rental guests,  you can book FASTPASS+ reservations.

You don’t have to book at the earliest date, however, your chances of getting popular reservations could be limited.

When Can You Go?

If your vacation time is limited and their is only a certain times of the year that you are able to take a Disney World vacation than that is when you will be going.

Click on the month(s) you can go below to see what the weather norms are, what special events are happening, what the crowds are expected to be, and more, for your WDW holiday.


What Do You Want To See?

Do you want to go to  Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party? Do you have a StaWars enthusiast in the family, who wants to attend the Star Wars – Weekends? Does your mouth water for Mickey’s Backyard BBQ?

If you want to go when one of these special events are happening, then you will have to pick the dates for your vacation based on Disney’s Special Event Schedule.

Special Events are wonderful times to add bring some extra magic into your Disney World holiday, however, they usually come with a price. Crowds are usually higher and most of the time their are no discounts being offered during these events.

How Budget Conscious Are You?

Going to Disney World during Disney’s discounted seasons is a great to save the most money on your Disney Florida Holiday.

January, September, October, most of November, and early December are some of the lowest room rates you can get a Disney World.

If you plan on renting a Disney Vacation Club resort, take a look at the chart below to find out what the least expensive times of year are to visit Disney World and stay at a Disney Vacation Club resort.


Some other money saving tips for you next Disney World Holiday are:


How Much Do You Want to Avoid Crowds?

If you don’t like crowds, and standing in line, you should go when crowds are low.

Taking your Disney Holiday when crowds are low, will allow you to see and do so much more. You will have more advanced dinning reservation options, FASTPASS+ options and time to really enjoy the parks and not just the lines you will be standing in.

However, when crowd levels are low, it means their are not many special events happening, some rides and attractions will be closed for renovation,  kids are ussually in school.

That being said I love going to Disney World during the off season, you can see and do so much more, well I might not feel like putting a bathing suit on in January, my kids don’t seem to mind, and we have a much more enjoyable experience then going when parks are busy.

But, if their is no way around it and you are going to have to go during the crowded season, then go with a good plan and  good attitude.

When Are You Going? 

Do you have a special event you want to see? Do you want to avoid crowds? Do you want to go when prices are at their lowest? Do you have a tight vacation schedule that you must stick too?

Once you have picked your date it is time to decide where you are going to stay.

If you are going to be renting DVC points and staying at a DVC resort click here to see what options you have.