Are you interested in renting Disney Vacation Club points for your next Disney vacation, but still have a few more questions about what those points are or how they work. The list below states some of the most frequently asked questions about renting DVC points.

What is the difference between staying as a Resort Guest vs. Staying as a Disney Vacation Club Guest?

You can both use Disney’s internal transportation system. Have access to all resort amenities. participate in Disney’s Extra Magic Hours. Make your FASTPASS+ reservations 60+ days before your resort arrival date, and make your Dinning Reservations 180+ days before you resort arrival date.

As a Disney Vacation Club guest, you do not get the same housekeeping service that regular resort guests get.  You get trash and towel service every 4th day, and a full cleaning every 8th day. However, you can pay a small fee to have it done every day.

Everything is the same, with the exception of housekeeping.

Do you still have access to the Disney Magical Express?

When staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, Guests are eligible for Disney’s Magical Express service which provides transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport. So, make sure to make the arrangements with your renter before you go to have the appropriate documentation in place.

Will I Get Pressured into a Timeshare Presentation?

No one will bother you to take tours or pressure you to sign up for anything, unless you approach them first.

Can you get the Disney Dinning Plan?

Yes, in most cases you can ask for your renter to add the Disney dinning plan onto your reservation.

However, depending on from where you rent your points, this request may or may not be available, and in some instances a premium may be required.

Check out the service the DVC point renter provides and ask questions if this is possible or not.

While free dinning or the play, stay and dine promotions may be happening, you will not be eligible to participate as a DVC renter. That is you will pay the full rate for the dinning plan.

However, the room savings you get from renting points, makes it work out that even paying full price for the dinning plan you are still saving more than booking through the promotion.

For a Disney dinning plan calculator please click here. 

Can I contact Disney directly to make changes?

No. Only the Disney Vacation Club member can contact DVC member services.

Will I be able to use Disney online check-in?

Yes. Like regular resort guests you can check-in 60 days prior to your resort arrival date and make note of all special requests.

How do you rent Disney Vacation Club Points?

For more details on how to rent DVC points click here.



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