With Easter just around the corner it is time to be inspired by some Easter egg decorating Ideas.

My kids love Easter egg decorating, but I have to admit in the past we have just bought the dye from the store and dunked and displayed.

This was great and easy while the kids were young, but now that they are older, I thought this Easter we would get our creative juices flowing and decorate our Eggs like real pieces of art.

For inspiration I have scoured the web and found these beautifully, fun Easter egg decorating ideas that I am sharing with you.

Let me know which one is your favourite and even send me a picture of how yours turned out to contact@comomunity.com.

1. Fruit and Veggies Easter Eggs

Paint, sharpies, hot glue and paper. I am pretty sure we have all this in our craft cupboard, but if you are looking for some extra fun supplies check out these  Neon Sharpies,  Colourful Construction Paper,  Watercolor Paint, and Watercolor pencils from Amazon. Use the pictures for inspiration.

2. Farm Animal Easter Eggs

Some of you might already know this, but we live on a farm. So, what could be more fitting than making a whole barn of cute little easter egg piggies, or cows, or my favourite lambies. These Easter egg farm animals are adorable, cute and fun to make.

3. Easter Bunny Easter Eggs

Click on the link above to get your free printable ears to go with these fun and easy Easter Bunny Easter Eggs. They are so adorable and so easy to make.

4. Ice Cream Cone Easter Egg

Not your traditional Easter Egg deocrating, but a really fun and creative alternative. Plus it is edible, I am not sure about the egg and chocolate part, but April fools is close to Easter this year, right?

5. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

This is a great Easter egg decorating craft to do with little and big kids. Draw on the eggs when they are hot and let the crayon melt into them. Then dye as normal and see what beautiful art you have created.

6. Emoji Easter Eggs

I don’t know about you, but around my house right now Emoji’s are awesome. ??????????. So, why not decorate some emoji eggs. They are fun and easy to make and I am sure it will be a crowd favourite.

7. Golden Marble Easter Egg

These eggs are beautiful, and easy to make check out these more detailed how to instructions here. If you are looking for these supplies  Speedball Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Kit,        foam paint brushes,        and Cheesecloth        check them out on  Amazon        .

8. Neon Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

Combine science and creativity and create these neon eggs that glow in the dark!

9. Thread Wrapped Easter Eggs

These thread wrapped Easter eggs are beautiful and simple to make, just wrap your egg with your favourite threads and glue and watch the beautiful colours come to life.

10. Unicorn Easter Egg

These Unicorn Easter Eggs are beautiful and one of my favourites. They are so cute and delicate, that they are sure to be a favourite with my girls.

Whats Your Favourite Easter Egg?

I hope I have inspired you with these Easter Egg designs. I am sure we will be trying a few of these around our house this Easter season. Let me know in the comment below which one is you favourite.