I LOVE Mexican Food, and I am always on the lookout for a yummy dip that I can share with my friends and family, or something just me an my husband can munch on while watching TV. Below I have complied a list of 11 of my favourite Mexican Dips that I think are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Let me know what ones are your favourites in the comments below! ?

1. Layered Nacho Dip

This is my classic go to dip, that my whole family just gobbles right up. It is super easy and super yummy to make, and if you don’t like as much spice leave the taco seasoning out of the sour cream/cream cheese mix.

2. Roasted Vegetable Salsa


3. Crock Pot Mexican Cheese Dip

Nothing says easy like a crock pot dip, and this Mexican Cheese Dip is just that easy and good, my favourite combination!

4. Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Corn Dip

Theirs my favourite word again, slow cooker dips are the best to just set and leave especially when you have a lot of other things to prepare. This dip take minimal prep work and is full yummy Mexican dip goodness.

5. Creamy Taco Dip With Meat

With only 5 ingredients this is the best way to use up that extra taco meat from Taco Tuesday, mix, heat and server, oh and don’t forget to enjoy.

6. Easy-Five Mexican Dip

5 ingredient + 5 minutes = EASY. This ooey gooey Mexican dip is yummy and easy add ingredients microwave and serve.

7. Cheesy Corn Dip

I love corn dips, the texture and crunch of the corn just makes it so good. This is another easy Mexican dip that is easy to mix and serve and oh so good and cheesy.

8. Chunky Guacamole Recipe

Their is nothing like fresh guacamole! This fresh chunky guacamole recipe is the perfect dip to add to your next event or evening munchie time. Serve it on its own or with your favourite taco’s. Plus see here for how to make delicious chili lime baked chips to go with it.

9. 10 Minute Easy Bean Dip

I made this dip the other day for a friend of mine and it was super good and super easy. Heat ingreadients, add sour cream and serve with chips. It was so good too, it was gone in a flash!

10. Easy Mexican Sour Cream Dip

Oh the Weary Chef has some of the best recipe’s. This easy Mexican Sour Cream Dip just needs sour cream, salsa, shredded cheese, and a few spices, and you are good to go. Yummy and quick it doesn’t get any better than this.   Hope you have enjoyed this round up of my favourite 10 Easy Mexican Dips that you can try out for your next get together or late-night snack. Let me know what one is your favourite in the comments below.